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I cannot tell you the difference Mount Hope Wholesale has meant to my business. In Arizona when you order you rec...
Diane Lara, Executive Chef, America's Pie Company, Showlow, AZ

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Wholesale Rice Suppliers and Distributors in USA

Mount Hope Wholesale is a family owned distributor of bulk food.  We started out as a retail health food store over 40 years ago.  The wholesale business was established when local restaurants and resorts approached us with a desire to buy our delicious, nutritious and well priced bulk products to stock their commercial kitchens. We expanded our business to provide wholesale rice, nuts, dried fruits, spices, dried chilies, dried mushrooms, beans, grains, flours, cereals, extracts, and natural sweeteners throughout the United States. 

Our bulk rice selection includes everything from the basics like basmati rice and short grain brown rice, to more unusual and exotic rice like our Bhutanese red rice, Forbidden China black rice, organic volcano rice, organic Madagascar pink rice, and purple sticky rice.  We carry bulk rice options that sound enticing on your menus, make a beautiful and colorful presentation on your plates, and have great textures and flavors to please your palette.

Chefs and wholesale food purchasers across the country appreciate our low prices, high quality and great selection of healthy products, as well as our superior level of customer service and our very knowledgeable team.  We strive to stay on top of food trends in the industry, and we add new and exciting products to our inventory regularly to spark and enhance our chefs’ creativity in the kitchen, and enable their menus to be current and interesting.  Our customers understand that these are some of the benefits of working with a small family owned business, and they keep coming back to us for everything from wholesale rice to spices and dried mushrooms when they move on to new ventures in their culinary careers.  We appreciate our customers’ loyalty to Mount Hope Wholesale, and we strive as a family and as a company to continually impress you and keep you coming back for more!!

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