Low-Cost Essentials

We’ve lowered our direct to consumer pricing for a number of essential items that we still have in good supply.

These price reductions will be in affect while people all over deal with barren grocery store aisles. It is likely that we too will run out of these items, but we’ll do our best to keep this page populated with suggestions during this crisis.

Anasazi Beans

Anasazi beans are grown in the Four Corners area of the southwest and are similar to a pinto bean. They have a sweet and mild flavor, wtih a mealy texture. AS with any dried beans, be sure to soak prior to cooking. They’re high in Iron, protein and fiber, and have a low glycemic index.

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Whole Spelt

This grain is hearty and filling. If you don’t want to presoak, boil 3 parts water and one part spelt (after rinsing) with a pinch or two of salt. Once it reaches a boil, reduce to a simmer for 50 to 60 minutes. If you have time, soak the spelt berries for at least 4 hours (feel free to let them stand overnight though), then drain and add to a heated pan after adding a drizzle of oil. This pre toast will bring out the natural nutty flavors of the grain. Lastly cover with some stock, broth or water submerging the berries, and simmer for 30-45 minutes.

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Carnaroli Rice

Carnaroli rice competes for top billing with arborio rice as the key ingredient in risotto. While not necessarily the first rice you’d think of in terms of essential staples to get by on, it is versatile. It sticky when not sauced up due to its high starch content, and its firmness helps maintain its shape if you do sauce it up

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Whole Natural Almonds

Almonds are hard to beat if you’re looking for a convenient yet filling & healthy snack. Whole natural almonds with no added salt or oil, and with their nutrient rich skins intact, are pure goodness. But we have lots of variants available as well

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Apricots are chewy and delicious. If you want reduce the blandness factor while preparing your essentials, this will add some fun while keeping costs low.

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