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Black Bean, Fermented

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Black Bean, Fermented

Not to be mistaken with the black beans you might find in a burrito or Mexican soup, Fermented Black Soy Beans, or Douchi as they are also called, originated in China and are a salty and slightly spicy addition to many exotic feasts.

Known for their use in Cantonese and Chinese dishes, these soy beans can be added to all sorts of meal to give a foreign, delicious sensation. Fermented Black Beans are created by taking black soy beans and fermenting them in salt and spices. This gives your dish’s flavor a strong punch in the mouth. These black beans are great as side on their own, a wet rub on meat or seafood, or mashed with garlic for a delicious paste. You can even flavor your cooking oil for the wok or skillet with the beans to give the preparation a strong, memorable flavor.

Be sure you wash them before you cook with them, because the salt can be overpowering otherwise. You can purchase our Fermented Black Beans in cases of eleven pounds.

Ingredients: Black Soy Bean