Fava Bean Peeled, Split Habas

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Peeled Fava Bean Halves

Broad beans usually require you to cook them for a time and then remove their skin before preparing them for a dish, but our peeled and split fava beans are ready to go out of the bag. Some of the near infinite options you have when cooking with Fava Beans is you can add them to a salad for a subtle green flavor, or fry and salt them as a snack, turn them into a soup, or simply eat them as a delicious side dish. You can buy our peeled, split favas in 2 pound bags or bulk 25 pound sacks.

Fava beans have been a staple of human diets for thousands of years. The plants are easy to grow and very hardy, and the beans can be consumed from a relatively early point in their maturation cycle. Throughout Europe, Asia, Africa and South America they’ve been a foundational ingredient for dishes for both the rich and poor.

Fava beans are a very nutritious bean, high in B vitamins and many essential minerals. They are also very filling, with a quarter their weight coming from protein, and another quarter from fiber.

Ingredients: Fava Beans