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Scarlet Runner Beans (Heirloom)

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Scarlet Runner Beans

Scarlet runner beans, Phaseolus coccineus, are a tender herbaceous plant native to the mountains of Mexico and Central America, growing at higher elevations than the common bean. By the 1600’s, it was growing in English and early American gardens as a food plant. Because of their substantial scarlet flowers (which attract hummingbirds, bees and butterflies), they often serve as ornamental plants throughout the world’s temperate zones.

Diversity is the hallmark of scarlet runner beans. The white or multicolored seeds inside the pods can be eaten fresh while still light pink (shelled and cooked like lima beans) or dried. The dried seeds, which have a chestnut-like flavor, require a long soaking and cooking time. The seed color varies from white to shining black to violet-black mottled with deep red or violet-purple mottled in black, although their gray color when cooked is not particularly attractive. They have widespread culinary application: in soups, salads, chili, casseroles, dips (as a substitute for hummus, for example) and snacks.

Despite that quirk, the scarlet runner has lots in common with other members of the bean family. It is similarly packed with protein, without the high calories and fat of other protein-rich foods like red meat and dairy. It’s a great source of folate, which is so essential to cellular regeneration. Its high antioxidant levels fight inflammation and may even prevent some forms of cancer. Its high fiber content promotes both digestive and heart health, while balancing blood sugar levels.

For the convenience of wholesale buyers, our scarlet runner beans are available in bulk, in 25-pound sacks. We also offer them in 5-pound bags.

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