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Rye Flour

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Rye Flour

For folks looking to make bread at home, Rye is our most poplular flour. It’s heavier than typical all-purpose wheat flour, which leads to a denser finished loaf. If you’re interested in classic german-style rye bread, this medium flour is a great way to start.

Rye is a grain (grass) in the same cohort as barley, wheat, sorghum and millet. These grasses grow tall and their seeds, or ‘berries’, have been a staple of the human diet for most of our existence. There are three layers to the edible part of these berries: the germ, the enodsperm and the bran. The germ is the actual ’embryo’ of a new plant, at least by design. he endosperm is much larger and is packed with protein and carbohydrates, and a bit of vitamins and minerals. Think of this as the sack lunch for the germ, pre-packed nutrients to feed it while its putting down roots and send up a sprout. The bran layer is sack for that lunch, protecting the endosperm, and in turn the germ, while happening to contain fiber and vitamins that are quite useful for us.

This is the design of all cereal grains, not just rye, and when all those parts are included during the milling process (which cleans and grinds down the kernel into a flour), the resulting flour may be called ‘whole-grain’.

We have this medium rye flour avaliable in 2 lb bags and 50 lb sacks. We also carry organic dark rye flour.

Ingredients: Rye (medium)
Allergens: Gluten