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Freekeh, Whole Grain – Organic

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Whole Grain Freekeh

Although novel to many Americans, freekeh has nourished folks in the Eastern Mediterranean for four millennia—for good reason. This grain is filling, packed with nutrition and has an intriguingly smoky, nutty flavor. It’s a common stuffing for game fowl in Egypt, serves as pilaf in Jordan and fortifies bone broth in Tunisia. Western cooks have discovered its chewy appeal as breakfast porridge and appreciate the textural pizzazz it lends to salads. Whole grain freekeh cooks up much like brown rice, requiring about 45 minutes of simmering.

Freekeh gets its start as ordinary durum wheat, which will undergo extraordinary processing. Harvesting takes place when the wheat is still green. Those immature seeds contain sufficient moisture to withstand the next phase of processing: setting piles of the harvested wheat afire, to burn off the chaff and straw. The next steps are threshing, sun-drying and finally rubbing, to remove the seeds from the detritus. Freekeh gets its name from the Arabic word for “rub.” Legend has it that this processing method, resulting in that wonderful smoky taste, happened by accident, when one Eastern Mediterranean city was put to the torch, along with its crops. Rather than starve, the survivors decided to see if anything from the burnt wheat fields was salvageable and a new tasty treat was born.

Freekeh definitely qualifies as a superfood. It contains twice the dietary fiber of quinoa and three times the fiber in brown rice , with all the attendant benefits for digestive health and blood sugar balance. It’s a significant source of protein and contains the zeaxanthin and lutein essential to eye health, plus many vital minerals.

Wholesale buyers can order our whole grain freekeh in bulk, in 25-pound sacks. Individual shoppers may prefer our 2-pound bags. We also sell cracked freekeh.

Ingredients: Roasted Wheat Berries
Allergens: Wheat, Gluten