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Soy Sauce, White

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White Soy Sauce

If you haven’t heard of white soy sauce, you’ll want to stop and try it right away. Also called White Shoyu, this alternative has a lighter color and offers a sweeter, milder soybean flavor over the traditional dark soy sauce you are used to. This milder flavor is less likely to overpower the pallet. It’s also great if you don’t want to change the appearance of the finished recipe.  

White soy sauce is thought to provide a stronger umami, or savory, taste than its more well-known darker equivalent. It is often noted to have a similar flavor profile to rice wine.

The lighter color of white soy sauce is due to a higher ration of wheat to soy. Traditional dark soy sauce is made by combining roasted wheat and steamed soybeans. However, in the lighter soy sauce, the opposite occurs. Soybeans are roasted while the higher concentration of wheat is steamed. As the sauce ferments, wheat turns to sugar. Thus enhancing the sweetness and kick of alcohol in the white soy sauce.

Mount Hope Wholesale white soy sauce is made with a few simple ingredients; wheat, soybean, water, alcohol and vitamin b1. Vitamin b1, also known as thiamine, aids in breaking down carbohydrates and turning them into energy. B1 is an important part of your diet and comes only from the food you eat.

White soy sauce works well in dishes where you don’t want the color to change and a strong soy sauce flavor isn’t the centerpiece of the dish. Also, try it as a condiment for dipping alongside sushi or Japanese dishes.

Mount Hope offers 120 fl oz jug or purchase a bulk 4-count case.

Ingredients: Wheat, Non-fat Processed Soybean, Salt, Water, Alchohol, Vitamin B1
Allergens: Soy, Wheat