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Cashew, Whole Chile Lime

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Chile Lime Cashews

Chile lime cashews will put some spicy pep into your step. Cashews are already a tasty nutritional winner, but when a touch of tangy lime juice and a hint of chili powder totally coats them you could call it a snacker’s delight.

Mount Hope Wholesale sources the highest quality cashews and bulk ingredients for all of our products. Cashews are the star of the show and are not only naturally buttery and delicious, but they are also loaded with good for you nutrients. Cashews, actually a legume, originate from Brazil on a tree that grows very high into the sky. Large juicy apples grow on and hang from branches. At the base of each apple, there is a cashew attached. Today, both the cashew and the fruit are used in many dishes, but originally the cashew was thrown away because no one knew how delicious it was. Cashews are beloved worldwide for their unique flavor, distinct buttery taste, and nutritional value. Health experts praise the cashew for its nutritional value, antioxidant levels, ability to fight heart disease, and aid in skin health. Cashew fans praise cashews for their unique flavor.

Now to the limes and chili powder that spice up our Chili Lime Cashews. Limes are adored for their zesty flavor and their nutritional content. They rejuvenate the skin, improve digestion, lower blood sugar, and reduce inflammation in addition to other health benefits. Chili powder is a tasty spice made from a blend of Latin-American cooking spices including ancho chiles, paprika , cumin, and Mexican oregano. Chili powder adds the final kick to our amazing cashew coating. This mouth-watering flavor combination will wake up your entire body while satisfying your snack cravings. Have an icy cool beverage nearby, you’ll need one to help quench your thirst.

Ingredients: Cashews, Chile Limon Seasoning (salt, spices, lemon and lime juice powder [corn syrup solids, lemon juice, lime juice, natural flavors], sugar, citric acid, maltodextrin, extractives of paprika, natural flavors, and less than 2% silicon dioxide to prevent caking), salt, maltodextrin, red pepper, peanut oil, citric acid, capsicum oleoresin
Allergens: Tree Nuts, Peanuts