Baby Lima Beans

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Baby Lima Beans

Lima beans come in three distinct varieties including dwarf, small, and large. Baby lima beans are of the dwarf bean variety. These small beans are known by a few different names including Caroline beans, and sieva beans. Mount Hope Wholesale’s baby lima beans have butter like coloring, are flat, and about ½ inch long. They have a faint sea shell pattern radiating out from the inner seam. Lima beans come from the legume family and are native to South America, originating from Peru. They are named after Lima, the capital where Peruvians cultivated lima beans before corn.

Unlike some other beans, baby limas have thin skin making them a quick-cooking bean. They offer a sweet, rich flavor and creamy texture. Adding baby lima beans to your heart-healthy diet is a great way to increase your vitamin and mineral intake. They add protein to vegan and vegetarian diets as well.

Nutrition-wise, lima beans are a hit. Not only do they contain high amounts of protein but they are also filled with complex carbohydrates, healthy fats, and vitamins. They help control weight, lower LDL which is your bad cholesterol, support a healthy brain and stabilize blood sugar levels.

Dried lima beans should be soaked in advance of cooking. Soaking for at least 8 hours will prep these beans for a fast cook and also remove some of the harder to digest sugars. They should be placed in the fridge because they will ferment if left at room temperature. Our dried lima beans have a long shelf life for keeping bulk orders on hand.

Lima beans make a hearty, creamy dish and are a good replacement for meat adding depth, texture, and flavor in baked dishes and stews. Add them to casseroles, side dishes, and soups. Also try our heirloom Christmas lima bean.

Ingredients: Baby Lima Beans