Black Beans (Heirloom)

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Black Beans

Black beans and rice constitute Latin American comfort food and represent a nutritionally complete protein package, even without a shred of meat. But just because the black bean has been an economical form of nutrition for millennia doesn’t mean it’s boring. The humble legume has become downright cosmopolitan, popping up in dishes all over the world – in Cajun and Creole cuisine, in Punjabi entrees, in trendy fusion restaurants on both sides of the Atlantic. Its popularity should come as no surprise, given the interesting taste and texture. The taste blends the earthiness of mushrooms with a touch of sweetness. Depending on the cooking style, the texture can be dense, even al dente, or lend creaminess to casseroles and stews. Mashed black beans make an excellent sandwich spread and a handy “glue” that prevents chopped veggies from falling out of wraps and tacos.

Like all varieties of Phaseolus vulgaris, the black bean got its start in the Americas. It was first domesticated in what is now Peru, roughly 7,000 years ago. It didn’t go global until its discovery by 15th century European explorers.

Its health benefits are legion. A complex carbohydrate, with a high protein and fiber content, the black bean is digested slowly, allowing the body to avoid spikes in blood sugar. That slow processing rate also means the tummy feels full longer, with obvious benefits for weight-loss efforts. High-fiber foods can also lower LDL cholesterol and are thus important to a heart-healthy diet. The black bean contains a whopping eight types of flavonoids, substances that fight inflammation and the free radicals that cause so many diseases. Research shows that eating this legume can lower the risk of developing certain cancers.

We offer black beans in bulk in 5-pound bags as well as 25-pound sacks. Mount Hope Wholesale also offers many other heirloom beans.

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