Lentils, Green

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Green Lentils

Lentils, those tiny pods that look like a bean, but not like a bean. Yes, they are from the legume family, but they a little different. Green lentils measure only half a centimeter wide and cook faster than beans making them a quick and tasty side dish accompaniment, or the main attraction, in many recipes.

Lentils come in different colors and types. Our green lentils have a lovely green color and glossy exterior. They have a mild earthy flavor with hints of pepper. While they take a little longer to cook than other lentils, they retain their firmness better than other types. For vegans and vegetarians, they make a robust meat substitute in many dishes.

Eaten for thousands of years, lentils are thought to have originated somewhere in the Mediterranean, Near East or between the Indus River and Euphrates River Valleys. They date back to as early as 8,000 BC and are thought to be the first domesticated crop.

Naturally gluten-free, and low in calories, lentils are loaded with protein and health benefits. Just a half cup of cooked green lentils contains about 12 grams of protein. Studies show that eating a diet high in legumes lowers your risk associated with high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, strokes, and heart disease.

Green lentils are a versatile legume made for many recipes in your restaurant. Unlike dried beans, green lentils do not require pre-soaking before using them in most recipes. They are perfect for adding substance to salads and heartiness to soups. They make a great addition to taco bowls and rice dishes. If you’ve got a breakfast menu, they go great with scrambled eggs.

We offer other varieties from red, green and gold. Wholesale buyers can purchase bulk 5 lb bags or 25 lb sacks.

Ingredients: Green Lentils