Lentils, Gold Petite

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Gold Petite Lentils

Because of their round shape, gold petite lentils stand up to cooking better than other lentil varieties. This makes them ideal for al dente uses: in salads, in soups and as munchies (after simmering, cooling and salting). At the same time, gold lentils puree well (after a longer cooking time than other color varieties) and thus serve as common thickening agents for soups, stews and gravies. Gold lentils are the preferred choice for Indian dal, a spicy stew. The sweetest of all the lentils, the golden variety pairs well with fiery curries, as well as sour flavorings like vinegar. Just avoid using anything sour in the cooking process, to avoid toughening the “skin.”

From an historical perspective, lentils as a whole have something of a split personality. Domesticated at least 10 millennia ago, they have figured over the ages as both poverty food and treats for the wealthy. The  royals of ancient Egypt, for example, feasted on various lentil dishes. In medieval Europe, however, impoverished peasants viewed lentils as a cheap substitute for unaffordable meat. Whether served to rich or poor, lentils are nutritional dynamos, containing more protein than any other legume except for the soybean. They’re rich in B vitamins and some essential minerals. Their high fiber content promotes heart health by reducing “bad” cholesterol, while their potassium, magnesium and calcium content can help lower blood pressure. The selenium in lentils can boost immunity and slow the growth of cancerous tumors.

The health benefits and diverse culinary applications of lentils are not the only reasons for their popularity. They tolerate a wide range of soil and climate conditions, as evident from today’s top lentil producers: frigid Canada and steamy India.

For wholesale shoppers buying in bulk, we offer our gold petite lentils in 25-pound sacks and 5-pound bags.

Ingredients: Petite Gold Lentils