Pinto Beans

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Pinto Beans

Pinto beans are a popular and tasty legume. These beans are round, pink, and brown mottled beans with an earthy, nutty taste and creamy texture. They are popular in Mexican and Southwestern cuisine. They can be cooked and devoured in a variety of ways from whole to mashed to refried. They are loaded with nutrition making them an enjoyable and healthy addition to any recipe.


Pinto beans are filled with protein, folate, manganese, and copper, and thiamine. Despite the silly rhyme behind beans, they are good for your heart as well as high fiber, low-fat, and cholesterol-free. Dried pinto beans are low in sodium, unlike the canned versions. Also unlike canned beans, dried pinto beans don’t have any additives. They are a pure, gluten-free, naturally grown plant-based food. Including beans in your heart-healthy diet not only helps lower cholesterol and blood sugar levels but it’s also good for gut health, too. While they may make you gassy, the benefits far out way the slight temporary discomfort.

Legumes encompass a variety of vegetables that grow in pods underground including peas and lentils. Pinto beans are shelled from their pods after they’ve reached maturity and dried. Beans are easy to cook with and make a great main meal or side dish. They are less expensive than their canned counterparts and allow you to control nutrition content and flavor better.

Pinto beans make a great addition or accompaniment burritos, tacos, and rice. Soaking shortens cooking time allowing you to dispose of the harder to digest enzymes that leach into the water. Soak overnight, or parboil them for a couple of minutes and leave to soak for 4 hours. Discard the water before cooking with the beans.

We supply wholesale bulk pinto beans. For variety try kidney beans and baby lima beans.

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