Chipotle Chile Powder

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Chipotle Powder

No vegetable is as closely associated with Mexican cuisine as the chipotle chile. Without chipotle – whether chopped, powdered or transformed into adobo sauce – tacos and burritos would be blah. Nevertheless, chipotle is finding its way into fusion dishes. Consider substituting chipotle powder for Chinese chili paste in stir fries. Because the smoky heat blends well with sweet foodstuffs, chipotle powder, paired with cinnamon, jazzes up mashed sweet potatoes and lends added interest to honey glazes for ham. Chipotle dishes also pair nicely with sweet wines like Riesling and Gew├╝rztraminer.

Mesoamerican cultures have been spicing up their food with chilies for millennia. The Aztecs came up with the idea of smoking jalapenos to solve a storage problem, because the thick skin didn’t sun-dry as well as thinner-skinned peppers. Our chipotle powder begins with the morita jalapeno, picked at maximum ripeness. After smoking, the reddish purple morita turns a rich brick-red. Smoking, by the way, takes nothing away from the pepper’s fire. The chipotle scores between 3k and 10k on the Scovile scale.

The ground, smoked morita doesn’t merely add life to your cuisine. It may also add zest to your life. Chipotle is rich in such vitamins as A (essential for healthy vision) and C (an important antioxidant that combats the free radicals that trigger so many diseases). It’s also loaded with magnesium and calcium, minerals vital for bone health. The capsaicin that causes chipotle’s heat is a well-known aid in treating respiratory congestion, by promoting mucus flow, flushing out clogged and infected sinuses. Ironically, the incendiary chipotle also has anti-inflammatory properties, helpful for arthritis.

Mount Hope also offers chipotle pods and flakes if your application demands more of a visual presense from your chile.

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Ingredients: Smoked Jalepeno