New Mexico Chile Powder, Green

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New Mexico Green Chile Powder

Mexico’s hatch valley, known as the chile capital of the world, produces the finest green chile’s used in our New Mexico Green Chile Powder. It takes 18 pounds of fresh green chiles to make one pound of this dehydrated chile powder. This is a tasty, mild chile powder made only with Ground Green New Mexico Chiles and packed with a pungent but semi-sweet flavor.

The green chiles, a.k.a capsicum annuum, are picked before they ripen to red. They are harvested after a quick growing season and before they begin to ripen, by the end of summer. After dehydrating the chiles they are de-stemmed and ground into a fine powder.

Grinding the chiles into a powder adds an earthy flavor. Green chiles taste fresh and crisp compared to red chiles which have more smokey sweetness. This chile is between a 2-4 on the Scoville heat scale. Scoville measures the heat of chiles on a scale of 1-10. That makes this chile powder a little milder than Jalapeno Chile Powder, but hotter than Ancho Chile Powder which is only slightly sweeter than a bell pepper. Either powder works as a substitute if you run out of Green New Mexico chile powder, but make sure you keep enough stored in bulk so that doesn’t happen.

It is difficult to find fresh green chiles to use in your recipes. Being so hard to come by makes this powder a necessity in your kitchen for year-round cooking.  Green chiles are a compliment in Southwestern and Mexican dishes. Combine with other chile powders to enhance each flavor, add them to dry rub seasoning and blends, or use on its own. It’s highlighted in Chile Verde, stews, and enchiladas.

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Ingredients: Ground Green New Mexico Chiles