Guajillo Chile Powder

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Guajillo Chili Powder

There’s simply no comparing guajillo chile powder with the standard, soulless chile powder available on supermarket shelves. The guajillo version has abundant soul. In addition to a respectable, but not overwhelming heat (between 2,500 and 5,000 Scoville units), it combines a fruity sweetness with smokiness and some piney undertones. That layering of flavors makes guajillo powder the perfect spice for Mexico’s famous mole sauces, where it balances the bitterness of the dark chocolate. The powder works well as a time-saving substitute for chopped guajillos in many recipes, from enchiladas to salsas and marinades. Guajillo powder also serves well as the central ingredient in meat rubs. Not surprisingly, the guajillo is the most popular dried chile grown and enjoyed in Mexico. It also has a growing fan base north of the Rio Grande and often turns up much farther from home—for example, in the zesty harissa sauce of North Africa.

Guajillo powder gets its start with mirasol chiles, grown in northern and central regions of Mexico. The mirasol gets its name (“facing the sun”) from the pepper’s inclination to grow tail-up in the direction of the sky. Once dried, the mirasol undergoes a name change, becoming the guajillo, meaning “little gourd,” in recognition of the gourd-like rattle produced by the dried seeds inside. The Aztecs were enjoying the gustatory and health benefits of guajillos long before Hernan Cortez charged into Mexico in the 16th century.

Modern medicine acknowledges the nutritional value of this chile pepper, with significant levels of Vitamins B and C, iron and manganese. The high fiber content helps promote gastrointestinal health, while its carotenoids help fight the inflammation at the root of many diseases.

For wholesale shoppers, we offer our guajillo powder in bulk, in 25-pound cases. Individual shoppers may prefer our 5-pound bags.

Ingredients: Ground Guajillo Chiles