Habanero Chile Powder

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Habanero Chile Powder

Habanero Chile powder comes from the hottest of hot Chiles: Habanero Chile Pods. This powder is made by grinding whole Habanero chiles including the seeds and is 100% pure chile.  Behind the heat is a sweet, fruity, and citrusy flavor with smokey notes that makes these chiles a wonderful way to spark up a dish. Habanero chiles hit the heat scale at a 10 with a median Scoville heat unit of 225,000, however, so use this powder sparingly so as not to overpower them with heat.

Wear gloves when handling this chile powder to prevent the chile burn sensation. The heat created in a chile pepper comes from capsaicin which repels water making it hard to wash off, or wash away. If you do burn your skin or your throat reach for cold milk instead. You can also try lemon or lime juice which might not be so thrilling to drink.

The name of this chile comes from the phrase ‘la Habana’ which means ‘from Havana.’ It is a deep brown, round, and oblong chile about 2 inches long and 1 inch across closely related to the Scotch bonnet pepper. It is thought that this chile originated in Cuba around 6500 B.C. Or it possibly hailed from South America, in the Amazonas between Peru and Brazil. Today it’s mostly grown on the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico and is well-loved in the United States and around the world.

Habanero Chile powder is a popular chile for use in a spicy seasoning rub or jerk seasoning . It is amazing in hot sauce because it’s spicy and sweet.


A little goes a long way with this chili powder and our bulk wholesale 1lb bags are the perfect amount to stock your pantry with.  We also have dried habanero chile pods available.

Ingredients: Ground Habanero Chiles