Pasilla Negro Chile Powder

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Pasilla Negro Chile Powder

Pasilla Negro Chile Powder, derived from dried Pasilla Negro chile peppers, is known for its deep, rich flavor with subtle herbaceous and fruity notes. This versatile spice originates from Mexico, where it is widely used in traditional Mexican cuisine and cherished for its distinct taste.

The Pasilla Negro chile, also referred to as “little raisin” in Spanish, is a dried form of the Chilaca pepper. It is typically grown and cultivated in regions of Mexico, such as the states of Zacatecas, Jalisco, and Sinaloa. These dark, slender peppers are allowed to ripen fully on the vine before being harvested and dried to create the Pasilla Negro chile powder.

In culinary applications, Pasilla Negro Chile powder is prized for the complex flavors it imparts to a variety of dishes. Here are some common uses:

  • Mexican Mole Sauces: Pasilla Negro chile powder is a key ingredient in traditional mole sauces, adding depth and complexity to the complex blend of spices and ingredients. It contributes a rich, smoky flavor and enhances the overall taste profile of the sauce.
  • Chili and Stews: The Pasilla Negro chile powder can be incorporated into chili recipes or used to season hearty stews. Its mild to medium heat level, along with its earthy and fruity undertones, brings a distinctive warmth and richness to these savory dishes.
  • Salsas and Sauces: It can be used to make flavorful salsas, marinades, and simmer sauces. The powder’s bold and smoky notes create a robust and tangy taste that elevates the overall profile of these condiments.
  • Seasoning Meats and Seafood: Pasilla Negro chile powder can be used as a dry rub or seasoning for grilled meats, such as beef, pork, or chicken. Its smoky and slightly spicy nature enhances the flavor of the proteins, creating a deliciously aromatic dish. It can also be used as a seasoning for seafood dishes, such as fish tacos or shrimp stir-fries.

When using Pasilla Negro chile powder, it’s important to understand that its heat level can vary. It generally falls within the mild to medium range on the Scoville scale. However, it’s always advisable to add it gradually to dishes to achieve the desired flavor and heat intensity.

Whether you’re seeking to enhance the taste of your Mexican-inspired dishes, add depth to your chili recipes, or explore new flavor dimensions, Pasilla Negro chile powder is a captivating spice that will contribute a distinctive and delightful touch to your culinary creations.

Ingredients: Ground Pasilla Negro Chiles