Pequin Chile Pods

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Pequin Chile Pod

Turn up the heat with our wholesale Pequin Chile Pods. Pequin chilies, “tiny chile” in Spanish look like orange-red colored puffed rice kernels and are tremendously hot. Their nickname, dogs teeth pepper, describes their very high heat content that is nearly 10 times hotter than jalapenos. They are also called a “bird pepper,” because many birds are attracted to their fruity, nutty flavor and unlike mammals, are immune to the extreme heat! Pequin Chile Pods are native to Mexico where other varieties of chilis have been grown for more than 7,000 years. They are known to be the first chile found growing in the wild and are still grow wild in South American and the southern United States. They are also popular in backyard and patio gardens because they grow into beautiful, colorful plants, and are very easy to maintain.

Pequin Chiles, popular for their nutty and citrusy flavor, are one of the main ingredients used in bottled hot sauces and packaged seasonings. Their flavor and inherent heat adds a richness and unique twist to recipes. Pequin chile peppers can be added to both cooked and uncooked recipes making them a very versatile seasoning. Pequin Chile Pods can be easily crushed and sprinkled on different types of food items including beans, rice, pasta, nut mixes, etc.. Pequin Chile Pods add flavorful heat to sauces, dressings, marinades, dips, and purees. They can also be added to an ordinary oil and transform it into a flavor-filled, zesty and fragrant dipping oil.

Mount Hope Wholesale carries the highest quality chile products and other ingredients for all of your culinary needs. Our bulk Pequin Chile Pods, conveniently available in 1 lb and 5 lb bags will liven up recipes, awaken your senses, and elevate your expert culinary artistry.

Ingredients: Pequin Chiles