Urfa Biber Chile Flakes

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Urfa Biber Chile Flakes

Urfa Biber Chile Flakes is a unique pepper flake that is a dark burgundy with an earthy, smoky flavor. Undertones of this pepper hint at chocolate, tobacco, and wine tannins. It hits your sweet, salty, and sour tastebuds with a mild heat giving it a well rounded and complex flavor. On the Scoville Heat Scale, it hangs out at Approximately 7,500 Scoville Heat Units. That puts this pepper in the mild to medium heat range close to that of a Jalapeno.

This pepper hails from the town of Urfa in Turkey along the Syrian border. Chili peppers are popular in Turkish cuisine and used more often than regular black pepper. Historically chili peppers were used in curing and pickling meats.

Urfa pepper’s appearance is a cross between a bell pepper and a poblano. They are alternately dried under the hot sun, giving them their smokey flavor, and covered at night in a process called “sweating” that allows the pepper to retain some of its oils and texture.

Urfa Biber Chile Flakes liven up any recipe with a little kick. They have a wide range of uses and will enhance almost any dish, sweet or savory when you want smokey, mild heat. Add them to ingredients in meat dishes including Turkey Kebabs, short ribs, chili, burgers, Turkish meatballs, and soups. Punch up your eggs for breakfast. Excite your taste buds with roasted potatoes and garlic, harissa dip, feta and hot pepper dip, roasted eggplant dishes, and spicey cauliflower or Brussel sprouts. Urfa Biber Chile Flakes compliment and add intense flavor to sweets like strawberry ice cream and strawberry jam.

Mount Hope Wholesale has bulk orders of Urfa Biber Chile Flakes. For a similar heat, but different flavor try chipotle chile flakes made from smoked, dried jalapenos.

Ingredients: Dried Chile Peppers, Salt, Vegetable Oil