Fig, Calimyrna (White)

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Calimyrna White Figs

While many of the fruits we enjoy today trace back to ancient times, the fig may actually be THE world’s oldest cultivated crop. Some biblical historians claim the fig, not the apple, was the forbidden fruit described in Genesis. Yeah, with that combination of chewiness, succulence, crunchy seed texture and rich sweetness, the fig is just that good to risk expulsion from Paradise.

The Calimyrna numbers among the light-skinned varieties of ficus carica. Turning a golden tan when dried, the Calimyrna has an even nuttier taste than its cousin, with an added buttery note. Larger than most of its cousins, it lends itself to stuffing – with goat cheese, for example, to create an hors d’oeuvre that is both sweet and savory. Although figs have served for eons as the stars of dessert dishes, they also lend sweetness and textural interest to rice entrees, breakfast cereal, muffins, quick breads, even salads.

The Calimyrna variety traces back to Turkey, where growers dubbed it the “Smyrna,” honoring an ancient Greek city on the Aegean. When Smyrna cuttings made their way to the New World, they thrived in the hot, dry summers and cool, wet winters of California. The plump fruit acquired a new name, blending “California” with “Smyrna.”

Whatever you call it, Calimyrna white figs, like all figs, have lots of health benefits. Its high fiber content can help lower dangerous low-density lipoproteins, while its substantial supply of potassium offers another heart-healthy blessing. Back in the second century, Greek physician Galen praised the toxin-pulling powers of figs. More recently, figs have attracted interest for possibly protecting the brain against the beta-amyloid plaques associated with Alzheimer’s dementia.

We sell our Calimyrna white figs in bulk. Wholesale buyers may opt for the 30-pound case, while individual buyers may prefer the 1-pound or 5-pound bag.

Ingredients: Figs, Potassium Sorbate & Sulfur Dioxide added as Preservative