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Coconut Chips

Coconut chips contain all the nutty, sweet flavor you expect when eating a whole fresh coconut, but in a super convenient form. There is no sugar added to our sulfur-free coconut chips (also called coconut flakes), just the natural sweetness nature gave them. These extra big flakes are perfect for snacking out of hand or adding to your favorite homemade granola mix. Thanks to their generous size, they make a lovely decoration to cakes, cookies and pies.

Coconut is easily incorporated into sweet baked goods and candy. It pairs beautifully with chocolate and other fruits, especially other tropical fruits like mango and pineapple. A handful of raw coconut chips with a handful of Mount Hope raw almonds makes a delicious and healthy snack. But don’t limit your use to dessert! This form of coconut also belongs in savory dishes like curries, spicy stir-fries and to add a subtle sweetness to stews and slow-roasted meats.

Mount Hope wholesale coconut chips are a good source of protein, providing 14% of your daily requirement in every cup, and they’re high in dietary fiber. Coconut is also high in beneficial Medium-Chain Triglyceride fatty acids. It is the MCT that has propelled coconut to the top of the superfood list.

Coconuts are classified as a drupe. Like apricots and olives, they are a fruit with a hard-shelled seed in the center. They are the product of the coco palm (Cocus nucifera), and grow in tropical region. A single tree can produce up to 200 or more coconuts every year if it’s well cared for. Thanks in part to their high yield and long life, the coco palm is one of the most sustainable crops grown on earth.

Our raw coconut chips are available on 1 and 5 pound bags, as well as by the full case.

Ingredients: Coconut