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Sweet dried cranberries are our most popular and best-selling fruit. Their rich, chewy texture compliments their tangy and tart but delectable and sweet flavor. These vibrant red fruits are delicious, gluten-free and a good fiber source. Added sugar brings the cranberry fruit from acidic to palatable while the sunflower oil gives it a glamorous sheen and keeps the cranberries from sticking together.

Since the mid-1500s, cranberries have been a staple in North America. First enjoyed by Native Americans, now over 100 different varieties grow in bogs and marshes in five main North and North-Eastern states. When ready for harvesting, farmers flood the bogs and marshes where floating berries are then scooped up, sorted and washed. Once cleaned, they freeze the berries to enhance their natural qualities and make their red color pop.

Before drying begins, they slice the berries to draw out the bold tart flavor and add the sugar to give them the cravability that nature forgot to include. Drying removes moisture to extend shelf life, keep them from spoiling and make them easier to pack and ship to you. They still keep some of their flavonoid and antioxidant health benefits after drying.

Dried cranberries compliment many dishes. They improve many recipes and can replace many fruit ingredients. Add them to breakfast foods like cereals, hot oatmeal, muffins, and breads. Include them in lunch or dinner recipes for salads, tacos, stuffing, or rice. Don’t forget dessert! They are a flavorful compliment to cookies, fruit loaves, and cakes.

Mount Hope Wholesale offers cranberries in convenient 1 and 5 lb bags, as well as by the full case. For a different flavor profile and unique twist try our dried razz cranberries, infused withg rasberry flavor.

Ingredients: Cranberries, Sugar, Sunflower Oil