Apple, Diced Natural

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Diced Apples

Mount Hope Wholesale dried diced apples have one ingredient: apple. There are none of the added sugars, salts or preservatives found in so many other varieties of dried fruit. Dried apples deliver a punch of apple flavor because as fruits dry, their flavor becomes more intense and complex. That is certainly true with our bulk diced apples. Use them to pump up the flavor of baked goods such as scones and muffins or for a surprising twist in salads, sauces or a bowl of hot cereal. Dried diced apples are also a great snack on their own or added to a hearty snack mix.

Dried fruits are perfect for camping, hiking and stocking your emergency pantry. They are light to carry, easy to pack, have a long shelf life and don’t require water for re-hydration before use. As perfect as they are for easy snacking, our bulk diced dried apples are more than just a healthy snack. They are a versatile ingredient that can make your time in the kitchen easier and shorter. Do you want to make an apple pie but don’t have time for all the peeling and chopping? Use diced dried apples instead. How about homemade applesauce without the fuss of preparing fresh apples? Simply pour a cup of boiling water over a cup of dried apples, mash and add cinnamon and sugar to your liking.

Our wholesale dried apples are also delicious in savory dishes. Try them in homemade sausage, stuffing, rice pilaf or create a touch of sweet balance in spicy homemade salsa. Purchasing Mount Hope diced apples in bulk is a smart way to improve your snack game and your favorite dishes while keeping things simple.

Ingredients: Apples