Goji Berries

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Goji Berries

Goji berries have long been touted for their history as a medicinal plant. Dating back centuries, gogi berries have played a role in Far East Medicine. Today, however, it is their superfood reputation that is catching all the buzz.

Snack on dried gogi berries on their own or add them to salads, yogurt, cereal, granola, trail mix. Often chefs add gogi berries to roasted turkey and pork for a savory flavor.

Also known as a wolfberry, the bright-red gogi berries are considered sweet and mildly tart and similar in texture to a raisin. As one of the world’s most nutrient-dense foods, gogi berries supply an abundance of antioxidants to:

  • help strengthen the immune system
  • reduce fatigue and increase energy
  • fight against free radicals in the body
  • increase athletic performance
  • used as an appetite suppressant
  • support a good night’s rest
  • calm and focus the mind

Gogi berries also provide high levels of important vitamins and minerals including Vitamin C, A, fiber, iron and zinc. They contain all eight essential amino acids and are surprisingly full of protein. Some health experts also claim gogi berries support a longer life expectancy, lower the risk of heart disease and blood pressure, as well as reduce arthritis symptoms.

Gogi berries are the fruit of the Lycium barbarum or Lycium chinense bush. Both are variations of a boxhorn plant and native to Asia. Its boxhorn family of plants include eggplant, potatoes, tomatoes, chile pepper and tobacco. Gogi berries should generally be avoided if you have low blood sugar, low or high blood pressure, are using blood thinners or are breast feeding.

They are available in one pound bags as well as by the full case. We also have powdered berries if you’re looking to include this superfood in smoothies or desserts.

Ingredients: Wild Harvested Goji Berries