Mango, Diced Sulphured

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Diced Mango

Mango, often revered as the “King of Fruits,” possesses a distinct charm with its alluring flavor and succulent texture. Embracing this essence, we present to both professional and home chefs our premium diced mango.

Each morsel originates from orchards where mangoes are nurtured with care and allowed to attain their natural ripeness. This ensures the capture of the fruit’s inherent sweetness and tangy undertones. Selected at their prime, these mangoes undergo a diligent processing routine, ensuring each dice retains its flavor and quality.

Our diced mango has a radiant golden color. With every taste, expect a tropical delight that evokes memories of warm, sunlit days. This versatile offering complements a myriad of recipes, be it a refreshing mango salsa, an inviting salad, or a mouthwatering dessert.

Beyond its delightful taste, mangoes have always been associated with an array of nutritional benefits. Incorporating our diced mango into dishes adds a vibrant touch and an exotic taste that is sure to be the highlight of any culinary creation.

For professional chefs, our diced mango provides an ingredient that melds seamlessly into an array of dishes, ensuring consistent flavor profiles. Meanwhile, home chefs will appreciate the ease and convenience, allowing them to focus on the joy of cooking.

In essence, our diced mango is more than just a fruit offering—it’s a journey of tropical splendor. It’s an invitation for chefs of all expertise levels to weave a touch of the exotic into their culinary narratives.

Ingredients: Mango, Cane Sugar, Citric Acid, Sodium Metabisulfite (as SO2), FD&C Yellow #6