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Medjool Dates

One bite into a medjool date triggers an explosion of sweet succulence, with a hint of caramel. This dried fruit is tailor-made for all sorts of desserts, from muffins to quick breads, cookies to cakes. But it also lends pizzazz to such savory dishes as Moroccan lamb stew and green bean casseroles. Stuffed with goat cheese and chopped sun-dried tomatoes, the medjool is an unforgettable hors d’oeuvre. And, like most dried fruits, it’s the perfect energy-boosting, nutrient-rich snack for hikers, bikers and anyone on the go.

Dates number among the planet’s oldest known fruits, domesticated for at least 7,000 years. Just one of several hundred varieties of Middle Eastern date palms, the medjool is often considered the king of the lot because of its large size, succulence and sweetness. It is typically sold with the pit included, because the flesh of the dried fruit retains so much moisture that mechanical pitters would destroy the date. The taste and texture of the medjool date more than compensate for the minor inconvenience involved in extracting the pit.

Middle Eastern countries remain the world’s top medjool producers. California also has a booming date industry, thanks to the efforts of US importer Walter Swingle, who brought back several medjool shoots from a Moroccan oasis in 1927. All of the medjools grown in the United States today trace back to that one oasis.

Medjool datess are that rare combination of sinfully delicious and healthy. As a major source of soluble fiber, they contribute to gastrointestinal fitness and happy cholesterol levels. In addition to reducing dangerous low-density lipids, they also reduce heart-endangering triglycerides. Rich in calcium and phosphorus, dates also support bone health.

Mount Hope Wholesale sells organic medjool dates (with pit) in bulk. They’re available in 1-pound and 5-pound bags, and in 11-pound cases.


Ingredients: Medjool Dates