Mulberries – Organic

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Our organic white mulberries have a pale golden color, as no sulphur dioxide has been added to preserve the color of the ripe fruit. Mulberries grow in different shapes depending on the species, but they all have the same texture, resembling a blackberry or loganberry. They have a mildly sweet flavor complex, with a little tartness (though not as much tartness as some other varieties). This is a very versatile fruit often used in pies, jams, cordials and syrups.

Mulberries are the fruit of a variety of tree species, each native to different parts of the world. The species are usually referred to by color (i.e. White Mulberry from China, Red Mulberry native to the eastern US…), but that color is not necessarily describing the color of the fruit. Often berries of one tree will range in color from pale to dark and white to red.

The white mulberry leaf is the sole food source of the silk worm. The plant, native to china but cultivated in Europe for centuries was brought to the US in cololnial times for silkworm cultivation, and has since become the dominant variety here as well.


Ingredients: Mulberries