Pear, Halves

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Pear Halves

Our bulk pear halves are not only tasty but nutritious dried fruit. Their naturally sweet and tart flavor mixed with a chewy, plump texture makes them a treat that can be enjoyed alone, used in recipes, combined with other nut and fruit mixes. They are extremely popular with chefs and foodies because they add a rich, sweet flavor to recipes as well as serve as colorful edible accents to baked goods and charcuterie boards. The subtle flavor and fragrance of pears complement the aromatic spices of cinnamon, allspice, ginger, and cloves .


Pears along with figs and bananas are known to be the oldest and most enjoyed fruit. Pears trees were introduced to the United States thanks to our Washington and Oregon pioneers where they remain to be two of the largest producing states. The pear is actually Oregon’s official state fruit. Pears were first mentioned in Homer’s 9th Century epic poem, The Odyssey, confirming the fruit historical relevance for approximately three thousand years.


Pears have many meanings in different cultures including nourishment, wisdom, health, inner peace, and affection. They were once called, “gifts of the gods,” so maybe this is why pears are given as gifts during the holiday season.


Pear halves are also beloved for their rich vitamin and mineral content. They are full of healthy fiber for digestive health, loaded with Vitamin B, C, K, and packed full of magnesium, potassium and iron. Pears also contain antioxidants that relieve inflammation, reduce arthritis pain, lower blood pressure, and prevent cancer.


Most Hope Wholesale’s pear halves are an excellent ingredient in granolas, nut rolls, and stuffing. They also offer a sweet touch to cookies, pies, oatmeal, cereal, smoothies, nut butter, and side dishes. Wholesale pear halves are available in one and five-pound bags and bulk in 25-pound boxes.


Ingredients: Pears, Sulphur Dioxide added as a Preservative