Mango, Slices Sulphured

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Sliced Mango

Our sweet and delicious dried sliced mango are a great go-to snack for heart health. A smart alternative to overly sugary, junk food, dried mango can simply be eaten on its own or added to trail mix or breakfast favorites for that extra bit of sweetness. As always, dried fruit’s sugar and calorie content is significantly higher than fresh fruit, so eat this mouthwatering, chewy snack in moderation.

Our sulphered mango slices are dehydrated then preserved using Sulphur dioxide to retain the mango’s bright orange color and greatly extend its shelf life. Dried mango slices can also be re-hydrated and added to salads, desserts and more.

If you plan to use it quickly and don’t need the preservative, we also carry organic and conventional non-sulphured mango slices.

Dried mango is rich in Vitamins A and C, supporting a healthy immune system and good vision. Other minerals found in our sliced mango include iron and calcium, both supportive of strong bone density and healthy muscular and nervous systems. Want more? This satisfying treat is low in sodium, but high in dietary fiber, stabilizing blood sugar and reducing bad cholesterol.

The mango fruit comes from the Anachardiaceae family, and interestingly, is related to pistachios and cashews. Mangoes have been around for thousands of years and nearly nalf of the world’s mango trees are cultivated in India. It is the national fruit of India, Pakistan and the Philippines.

Ingredients: Mango, Cane Sugar, Sulphur Dioxide, Calcium Chloride, Citric Acid, FD&C Yellow #5