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Beet Chips

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Beet Chips


Beet chips are a delicious, nutritious snack to add to your meal plan. The beet flavor is mild, so will not overpower your foods when mixed in with other recipes. The thick chips are lightly salted which enhances the deep, earthy flavor. Enjoy them on their own as a light snack or mix your personal favorite dip and dunk beet chips in to present as an appetizer. Or, combine beet chips with rosemary and bake them for additional flavor.

Beet chips are a good source of antioxidants and are a anti-inflammatory food. Therefore, beet chips are an ideal addition to an anti-inflammatory diet. Plus, the nutrients in beets include high amounts of folate, which supports cell growth and a healthy metabolism. Beets also contain vitamins B6 and C to improve immunity function. The fiber in beet chips improves digestion and can leave you feeling full after a serving of the chips. Other nutritional value of beet chips includes iron, copper, potassium, and magnesium, so you are able to ingest a variety of vitamins and minerals in a tasty way. Experiment with beet chips and add them to bread recipes such as zucchini and banana to change the color, flavor, and texture of your foods.

Purchase beet chips in bulk in either our 2.2-pound bags or select a case of 6 bags so your supply will last. Wholesale beet chips are available for your convenience, pre-salted, and sliced to be used immediately. The bags store easily in the provided bag or switch them to your personal containers to maitain the look of your organized pantry. Beet chips are made with non-hydrogenated canola oil and sea salt to improve the natural flavor of the beets. Beet chips are delicious on their own, or mix them into plain nut or trail mixes for a surprise, sweet taste.

Ingredients: Beets, Non-Hydrogenated Canola Oil, Sea Salt, Dextrin