Oat Flour

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Oat Flour

All the baked goods we love include flour, a very important ingredient. As home-based cooks, small and large bakeries, foodies, and chefs alike experiment to bake one of a kind baked treats, incorporating different types of gourmet flour is becoming more and more popular.  Mount Hope Wholesale offers a wide selection including bulk oat flour. It is a healthier alternative to other flour and an easy way to add whole grains into your diet. Our oat flour consist of only oats, that are ground into a fine powder consistency.

Oat flour will add a sweet, subtle, nutty flavor and texture to your recipes. Oat flour can replace up to 20 percent of all-purpose flour in most baked goods and will add soluble fiber and whole-grain nutrition. Oat flour is a light, absorbent flour, so when it is added to a recipe, it results in fluffy, beautiful looking baked goods like homemade cakes, cereal bars, cookies, bread, biscuits, waffles, and pancakes. For example, adding oat flour to oatmeal cookie dough will give the baked cookies a tasty and chewy boost to their texture that makes them so delightful.

Whole oats are wonderfully nutritious providing fiber, protein, healthy fats, good carbohydrates, and small amounts of iron and other minerals. They also complement many other ingredients and flavors, both sweet and savory. Oats and oat flour are higher in protein and healthy fats plus lower in carbohydrates than the majority of other whole grains. Oats and oat flour assist in weight management and stabilize blood sugar levels in people with sugar diabetes and low blood sugar.


Try this mouth-watering jalapeno cheddar biscuit recipe that is posted on our Mount Hope Wholesale blog, use oat flour, and enjoy a healthier, more delicious savory treat.

Ingredients: Oat Flour
Allergens: Gluten