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Unbleached Flour

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Unbleached Flour

Flour is one of the great staple foods of our culture. It is an essential ingredient found everywhere, from our fresh bread loaves to our delicious baked pastries. While this powdery substance can be made out of a variety of sources, wheat is the most commonly used source. Wheat flour is a decent nutritional source for protein, gluten, and fiber. The soft and dense texture of flour is probably its most memorable feature. While bleached all-purpose flour is a popular choice for cooks, unbleached flour has its own advantages. Some cooks prefer to have unbleached flour that isn’t stripped of its natural nutrients. The bleaching process will often add additives and chemicals that aren’t healthy. Unbleached flour is matured naturally, made without adding additives.

Graham flour, named after the dietary reformer Sylvester Graham, is one of the first types of unbleached flour invented. Made from whole grain, this unbleached flour keeps much of its wheat ingredients, like germ and bran.


Our company strives to provide high-quality food products with a wide range of selection. Like bleached flour, Mount Hope’s wholesale unbleached flour can be used for all-baking purposes. This versatile flour is the perfect pantry ingredient. When used in recipes, it is strong enough to bake a perfectly-textured bread and yet soft enough to accompany fluffier food creations. We are offering all-natural, unbleached flour in bulk to our customers. With this consistent ingredient, cooks can look forward to creating fantastic flour-based dishes.

Ingredients: Flour
Allergens: Gluten