Spelt Flour

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Spelt flour

Spelt flour, an ancient grain, deserves an honored spot in the kitchen cabinet if only because of its uniquely nutty, slightly sweet flavor and the light texture it imparts to baked goods. It also has a much higher nutritional profile than white (wheat) flour and even edges out whole wheat flour. Rich in protein, spelt actually contains all nine of the amino acids essential to human health. It also has significant levels of Vitamin K, copper, manganese, potassium, iron and zinc. Its high fiber content confers gastrointestinal and cardiac benefits. Spelt not only contains less gluten than wheat. Its version of gluten breaks down more readily, which translates into improved digestibility and greater bioavailability of nutrients. Spelt works in just about any recipe calling for Wheat Flour and is the preferred grain for certain German breads and other European baked goods celebrating special occasions.

Spelt has been around for nine millennia, with cultivation beginning in the Middle East and spreading to the Caucasus and Europe and everntually North America. Triticum spelta belongs to the same genus as common wheat (Triticum sativum), but represents a completely different species. Unlike wheat, spelt has a particularly thick hull—a blessing and a curse. That thick hull is a blessing because it protects spelt’s inner goodness against weather and bugs. It’s a curse because it complicates harvesting. Wheat is much easier to hull, especially since the advent of combine harvesters. Thus wheat production has vastly outpaced spelt production in the past century. Fortunately, spelt is enjoying a renaissance, not only because of its flavor and nutrients, but also because of its hardiness and lighter impact on the soil.

Our freshly stone-ground spelt flour is available in bulk. Wholesale buyers may prefer our 50-pound or 25-pound sacks. For individual shoppers we also sell 2-pound bags.

Ingredients: Spelt Flour
Allergens: Gluten