Couscous, Tri-Colored

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Tri-Colored Couscous

Tri-colored couscous is a versatile and colorful food that makes a tasty, simple side dish or a luxurious gourmet meal. It is a traditional couscous blended with a balanced proportion of spinach and tomato flavors.

Couscous is like pasta and rice combined. It’s made from durum wheat semolina the same main ingredient in spaghetti but is cooked and served similarly to rice with the heartiness of bread. Semolina is crushed and rolled into tiny pearls of pasta about the size of a pinhead and is a good substitution for quinoa.


Couscous has been revered and enjoyed since at least the eleventh century. It originated in Northern Africa and is a staple in many countries from Africa to the Middle East. It also has significant cultural, symbolic, and religious meanings. It is associated with the end of Ramadan, birth and weddings, as it’s often cooked for family celebrations and feasts.

While couscous makes a tasty and unique side dish or main dish, it is not gluten-free and isn’t a healthy choice for those with celiac or gluten sensitivity. For those who are all about that gluten, it is a high carb food that leaves you feeling full and satisfied. The colorful small pellet-shaped spheres in this couscous will liven up any recipe. While you can replace it with traditional couscous, you’ll lose the colorful addition to your recipe.

Couscous absorbs flavors well and can be served both hot and cold. Pair couscous with vegetables, meat, or fish. The small granules mix well with legumes. Its flavor adapts to any ingredient you add to it including fruit.

This rainbow couscous is the smallest of all couscous varieties and cooks in just 5 minutes leaving chefs with a colorful presentation and minimal labor.

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Ingredients: Durum Wheat Semolina, Natural & Artificial Flavor, Spices, Dehydrated Spinach, Tomato Powder, Annatto Extract, Oleoresin of Spinach
Allergens: Wheat, Gluten