Spelt, Whole (Farro)

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Whole Spelt

Here we have an ancient form of wheat that was a critical staple in centuries gone by, then largely passed over in favor of more common wheat. It is on the rise again, and has found favor amongst chefs and bakers. Whole spelt is high in protein and fiber, as well as B vitamins and several minerals

Substitute spelt for common wheat, and you’ll be adding a deeper, nuttier flavor, some sweetness, and a chewier texture. The grains are a little shinier than typical wheat, dark and rice shaped. If you plan to bake with it, use a little less water and plan on a shorter bake time.

People often buy and enjoy spelt when they’re seeking out ‘farro’. Farro is a name used to group three classes of hulled wheat species that includes spelt (along with harder to find emmer and einkorn). Spelt grows the largest berry, or grain, of all the farro wheats.

Spelt is also called dinkel wheat, or hulled wheat. It grows with a husk (don’t worry, its removed in the processing before it gets to you), which may have been why it was so important across Europe for thousands of years. The husk would have helped it survive and remain edible and nutritious in colder climates.

Ingredients: Spelt
Allergens: Gluten