Whole Wheat Berries – Organic

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Whole Wheat Organic Berries

Many Americans are unfamiliar with the little dynamo at the source of their daily sandwiches. Relatively few realize that the humble whole wheat berry affords a taste treat in its original form, before being stripped of bran and germ (and a boatload of nutrients) and ground into flour. More’s the pity, because those berries, when cooked, offer textural interest and a pleasingly nutty, lightly sweet, earthy taste that works well in diverse dishes. For centuries, whole wheat berries have figured in holiday recipes enjoyed by various cultures. Neapolitan Easter celebrations feature a pie filled with cooked wheat kernels and ricotta. In some East European cultures, Christmas would be incomplete without kutya, wheat berry porridge. There are endless ways of incorporating these tasty little nuggets of nutrition into hearty soups, innovative salads and dessert puddings. Try tossing some raw kernels into water to grow your own wheat sprouts for sandwiches and salads.

Wheat has been nourishing mankind for untold millennia. In the never-ending quest for adequate nutrition early humans harvested the grains from wild emmer, the precursor of today’s common wheat (Triticum aestivum). That process was tedious because the wild strains bore much smaller fruit and the stalks holding the mature fruit broke easily, scattering the grains on the ground. Over time, by rushing the harvest (before the grains spilled to the ground) and then planting the harvest in designated plots, man domesticated wild emmer. Common wheat was thus born—by 9600 BCE at the latest.

Our ancestors knew what they were doing, because whole wheat berries contain a significant amount of protein, fiber, B vitamins and such essential minerals as potassium and iron. Modern studies show that the high fiber content of wheat berries protects both GI and heart health, by promoting regularity, balancing blood sugar and lowering blood cholesterol. The high iron content in whole wheat berries protects against anemia, while minerals like manganese help keep bones healthy.

We sell our organic whole wheat berries in bulk. Wholesale buyers may prefer our 50-pound sacks or 5-pound bags. Individual shoppers may opt for our 2-pound bags.


Ingredients: Organic Wheat Kernels
Allergens: Wheat, Gluten