Couscous, Whole Wheat

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Whole Wheat Couscous

Whole Wheat Couscous, like other couscous varieties, is made of semolina flour. To create couscous whole durum wheat flour is roughly milled. This process retains the bran and germ along with the endosperm of the wheat berry. Using all parts of the wheat plant means this couscous is more nutritious than products made from only the endosperm (which is how white flour is made).Whole wheat couscous is high in fiber and protein. To make couscous requires a steaming and drying process before tiny granules of the flour are rolled into little spheres. The hard round grains plump up when boiled in water.

This grain is a popular staple that originated in North Africa. The whole wheat variety of couscous has a rich nutty flavor and is the same size as the traditional Couscous (about the size of a pinhead). It cooks just as quickly as the regular varieties and can easily substitute for each other. The quick-cooking nature of Couscous has made it a very popular addition to the Western diet.

Couscous makes a great side dish or full entre in anything from soups, stews, and vegetable dishes. As a side all you need it a little butter and herbs to make this tasty fluffy whole wheat grain. Alone they take on a plain flavor which allows you to add them to almost any dishes for substance without changing the flavor of the dish.

Couscous is a whole wheat grain that makes for a tasty and versatile dish. However, it is not allergy-friendly as it contains wheat and gluten. An alternative to couscous that is wheat and gluten-free is quinoa which has a similar appearance and consistency. We stock wholesale varieties of couscous and quinoa ready for bulk purchases.

Ingredients: Whole Durum Wheat Flour
Allergens: Wheat, Gluten