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Couscous, Whole Wheat

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Whole Wheat Couscous is made from Semolina Flour, which is the roughly milled endosperms of Durum Wheat. Whole Wheat Couscous is made with whole grain Durum Flour. This flour retains the bran and germ of the Wheat Berry, thereby, making it more nutritious than products made from White Flour. The Whole Wheat variety of Couscous cooks just as quickly as the regular varieties and tastes great. Whole Wheat Couscous has a rich nutty flavor and is the same size as the traditional Couscous (about the size of a pin head). The quick cooking nature of Couscous has made it a very popular addition to the Western diet.

Ingredients: Whole Durum Wheat Flour
Allergens: Wheat, Gluten