Agrumato Lemon Oil

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Agrumato Lemon Oil


Olive oil is an important starter to many sautees and roasted dishes, but sometimes it lacks in flavor. Agrumato Lemon Oil is an EVOO, or extra virgin olive oil, infused with whole lemons giving this starter oil a flavorful, citrus punch for your savory food dishes.

Containing only two ingredients olives and lemons, there aren’t any additives, harmful substances or unnatural flavors in this blend, resulting in a beautiful golden-green oil with strong citrus notes.

Typical flavored olive oils are produced by infusing flavorings into finished oil, but our wholesale Agrumato Lemon Extra Virgin Olive Oil starts with whole lemons and whole olives. Hailing from the Abruzzo region, hand-harvested olives and fresh lemons are crushed together and pressed in small batches creating a unique, vibrant citrus oil blend that is unlike any other. The one of a kind blending process captures the lemon zest essential oils as it is pressed with a frantoio, or olive mill, into an extra virgin olive oil.

Olive oil is rich in antioxidants and essential vitamins and minerals. Antioxidants are thought to reduce rich of chronic disease and illness, fight inflammation and lower the risk of heart disease. Studies suggest it lowers cholesterol and blood pressure and has anti-cancer properties.

Add Agrumato Lemon Oil to your pan to saute meat, chicken, and seafood. Stir it onto potatoes and vegetables before roasting.

When sautéing and baking for lots of people, such as in a restaurant, keep plenty of Agrumato Lemon Oil on hand by purchasing in bulk 6 bottle cases so you are sure to never run out.

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Ingredients: Extra virgin olive oil, Lemons