Cheese Powder, White Cheddar

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White Cheddar Cheese Powder

White cheddar cheese powder is a dehydrated form of cheddar cheese that has been ground into a fine powder with added ingredients to help it stay fresh and shelf-stable. White cheddar cheese powder has a rich, creamy flavor with a slightly tangy taste. Here are some culinary uses of white cheddar cheese powder:

  • Popcorn seasoning: White cheddar cheese powder can be used to make delicious and flavorful popcorn seasoning. Simply drizzle melted butter over freshly popped popcorn and sprinkle white cheddar cheese powder over it.
  • Mac and cheese: Mix white cheddar cheese powder with pasta, milk, and butter to create a rich and creamy mac and cheese sauce..
  • Baked potatoes: Sprinkling white cheddar cheese powder over baked potatoes can add a delicious and cheesy flavor to this classic dish.
  • Seasoning for roasted vegetables: White cheddar cheese powder can be used to give a cheesy flavor to roasted vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower, and potatoes.
  • Cheese sauces: White cheddar cheese powder can be used as an ingredient to make cheese sauces for pasta, nachos, or dips. Simply mix with milk and butter and heat until smooth.
  • Seasoning for dips and spreads: Add white cheddar cheese powder to dips and spreads, such as hummus or guacamole, to give them a unique cheesy flavor.

In summary, white cheddar cheese powder is a versatile ingredient that can be used in various dishes to add a rich and tangy flavor. From popcorn seasoning to pasta sauces, this ingredient can transform ordinary dishes into cheesy delights. Mount Hope offers this in many bulk sizes.

Ingredients: Cheddar cheese (pasteurized milk, salt, cheese cultrures, enzymes). Contains less than 2% silicon dioxide as an anti-caking agent, and less than 2% disodium phosphate as a processing aid.
Allergens: Dairy