Corn Nut, Roasted Salted

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Corn Nuts

Corn Nuts. What exactly are these tiny little crunchy snack foods? Are corn nuts made from corn or nuts? We are happy to clear up the confusion. This salty snack food is made from corn. Sometimes referred to as corn bits or toasted corn, Mount Hope Wholesale’s corn nuts have only three ingredients: corn, high oleic canola oil, and salt.

While many take corn nuts on road trips or use them in edible Halloween treats to represent teeth, these snacks have a long history and some may consider it one of the first road trip type food. Parched corn, as it was called in the early years, was a staple for European colonists. They took an early variation of these dried and roasted corn kernels with them on the Oregon Trail. Because of the super low moisture content, they have a long shelf life and would help sustain them during the trip. Traditionally, they used them in soups instead of as snacks. Soldiers also used them during the civil war of the 1860s.

First created in Mexico, corn nuts have a sweet crackling bite to them. Different countries have their own variations on the nut. Corn nuts are made from whole kernels of corn. To make the brittle crunchy shells they are either roasted or fried in oil and then salted. They work well as a snack with beer and bar foods instead of nuts and as a replacement to chips for those seeking a crunchy salty taste.

Not to be confused with the Kraft foods owned CornNuts, which is a registered trademark name, our wholesale corn nuts come in one and five pound bags, as well as full cases. Stock up and serve these nuts by the handful. For a spicy treat at the bar try our Cajun Sesame Sticks, too.

Ingredients: Corn, High Oleic Canola Oil, Salt