Milk Powder, Non-Fat

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Non-Fat Milk Powder

When fresh cold milk isn’t an option, reach for our Non-Fat Milk Powder. Milk Powder is a more cost-effective option over instant powdered milk sold in grocery stores. It’s created by removing the fat and evaporating the milk until all the moisture is removed and it is completely dry. The powder is a shelf-stable milk that doesn’t require cold storage in a refrigerator.

History and fun facts

Milk Powder (Non-Fat Dry) reconstitutes when beaten with a whisk in hot water. Add three tablespoons of the Milk Powder to one cup of water. It tastes just like regular refrigerated milk when reconstituted and doesn’t change the flavor of the recipe it’s used in. There are many uses for Non-Fat Milk Powder. Bakers and chefs use milk powder to create a thicker consistency and a nice texture to their recipes.

With its long shelf life, you don’t have to worry about it going bad as fast as cold milk does. Therefore, if milk isn’t used as often as you’d like it is a perfect alternative. Yet it still has the same nutritional content as regular milk.

Use Non-Fat Milk Powder for drinking, cooking, and baking. It is an essential ingredient for baking as it increases the keeping qualities and is always readily available. It adds nutrition to baked goods and produces a velvety texture in yeast breads. It works in desserts like pudding and cake but also compliments creamy soups and stews.

It should be kept in a sealed container in a dark pantry where moisture or sunlight cannot degrade the powder.

A one-pound bag of Non-fat Milk powder makes ten servings. Grab it in bulk from Mount Hope Wholesale and store it on your shelf for all your important recipes. For a dairy substitute try our Coconut Milk.

Ingredients: Non-Fat Dry Milk
Allergens: Dairy