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Most popularly known as a hummus ingredient, tahini is a thick, condiment that can be used on its own or combined with other ingredients. Tahini is made from sesame seeds. The kernels from the sesame seeds, after being soaked in water, are crushed into a thick paste that resembles other nut and seed butters. The nutty, flavorful taste of tahini makes it a delicious choice for spreads, an addition to soups, or as a topping for pasta or salads.

The taste of tahini has a slightly nutty flavor, but it is not sweet, so it pairs well with many foods. For example, vegetables dipped in tahini provide an afternoon snack, or a pre-dinner appetizer. Tahini can also be used on bread products if it spread on toast or drizzled over pasta. The sesame seed base makes it a protein-based product that is also high in potassium. Since its ingredients are limited, it also combines well with other ingredients. Tahini is used in hummus recipes and when combined with the chick-pea based hummus, the protein benefits of this product are increased. For breakfast, consider using tahini in smoothies or as a substitute for yogurt in oatmeal. Lunch options include chicken salad made with tahini instead of mayonnaise, or grilled vegetables covered in a tahini sauce. For dinner, try adding tahini to soups or as a marinade for chicken or lamb. As a dessert, try tahini cookies or adding it to your truffle recipes for a sesame flavored surprise.

Tahini is made from sesame seeds and provides a delicious base for an entire week’s worth of recipes. Keep our bulk tahini on hand as you enjoy our wholesale prices. Store it in the refrigerator for a longer lasting bulk product and purchase extra so you never run out of tahini when you want to enjoy a hummus snack or are looking for a change in your famous chicken salad sandwich. If you have a small amount left in the container, spread it on your favorite breads or dip in your veggies for a light snack that may inspire your culinary creativity. 

Ingredients: Creamy purée of roasted sesame seeds
Allergens: Manufactured in a facility where soy, eggs, and tree nuts may be present.