Morel Mushrooms

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The Morel Mushroom

Also known as dryland fish, mollies, hickory chickens, merkels, snakeheads, or haystacks, there are over 70 species of Morchella, or Morel mushroom.

The morel is more closely related to the truffle than to other mushrooms, and is many chefs’ favorite.

Edible morels contain fiber, some protein, and unsaturated fat, but the complete nutrient information is unknown. Nutritional value, flavor and aroma of morels are affected by where they grow.

Morels offer a high amount of vitamin D, and also iron, phosphorus and B vitamins. They are low in calories and fat, and high in anti-oxidants.

Our mushrooms are solely picked in forest fire burns within the Northwest Territories in Canada – far away from pollution and population in the cool crisp Arctic air.

The dried morel has a more intense flavor than fresh version, and retain their quality for several years.

Morels are so well-loved, some aficionados travel hundreds of miles to hunt for them. They add a deep, earthy flavor to wine and cream sauces for chicken, veal, fish and pasta. Also delicious in egg dishes, creamy soups, and other gourmet dishes.

A simple classic recipe from the French countryside: sautéed in butter with salt & fresh cracked pepper. But if you want to try something more complex, here’s a nice collection of recipes from township of Muscoda, Wisconsin’s Morel Capital.

Ingredients: Morel Mushrooms