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Truffle Sauce

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Truffle Sauce

The perfect descriptor for the flavor of truffles is as elusive as the truffles themselves. Yes, the taste is reminiscent of mushrooms, but only if mushrooms live more than a foot underground and have a love affair with tree roots, from which they absorb manifold nutrients. Fans generally agree that the flavor is “fragrant.” But fragrantly what? Terms like musky, earthy, oaky, meaty, gamey and mulchy frequently pop up, along with references to the smell of new leather. Because of the intensely complex flavor notes, truffles are best paired with mild food, fare that will benefit from a unique pop of flavor. Truffle sauce, which blends dark summer truffles with olive oil, mushrooms and seasonings, is an easy way of adding that pop. A little dollop goes a long way to transforming risottos and pasta into extraordinary fare. Consider drizzling truffle sauce on croustades for a memorable appetizer. Almost any dish that works well with pesto will benefit from truffle sauce.

Mankind has been experimenting with ways of using truffles for millennia. Ancient Sumerians had a passion for the fragrant fungus. So did the ancient Egyptians, who served them in goose fat. Ancient Rome and Greece also became fans. But it was not until the late 17th century that France and Italy, the current epicenters of the truffle harvest, discovered the joys of the scruffy looking tubers growing on tree roots. And then they were hooked, so hooked that the French village of Uzes hosts an annual truffle festival, including a special mass dedicated to the fungus.

That fungus just happens to be good for you, too. It’s loaded with protein and fiber and has anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, even cancer-busting properties.

We sell our truffle sauce in 17.6-ounce jars. Wholesale buyers shopping in bulk may prefer our 6-bottle cases.

Ingredients: Champignons mushrooms, water, olive oil, summer truffles, salt, truffle flavor, cornstarch, sunflower lecithin, vegetable fibers, pepper, citric acid, garlic.