Almond, Whole Natural – Organic

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Organic Whole Natural Almond

It’s no wonder mankind has been munching on almonds for six millennia. Our organic whole natural almonds holds so much: delicious sweet taste, satisfying crunch, versatile applications, abundant nutrition and a sense of history. Native to Southwest Asia, the almond tree soon spread to the Middle East and Mediterranean. The Old Testament is filled with references to the early blooming almond, a symbol of hope. Egyptologists report that King Tut took almonds along on his journey to the afterlife. Centuries later, Franciscan monks brought almond trees to California, now the world’s top almond producer, followed by Spain and Australia.

Geographic diversity is even more pronounced for almond-consuming countries. The nuts have a revered place in diverse national dishes: the marzipan candies of Germanic countries; the baklava of Greece and the Middle East; the amaretti cookies of Italy; the sweet biscuits celebrating the Chinese New Year; the nut-filled rice pudding Swedes devour for Christmas Eve. But almonds aren’t just for dessert or snacks. They lend welcome crunch to salads and breakfast porridges, as well as, adding character to curries.

Packed with magnesium and potassium, as well as monounsaturated fatty acids, almonds promote cardiac health. With significant levels of Vitamin E, they’re great for the complexion and overall skin health. Their prebiotic properties benefit digestion. Their high fiber content helps balance blood sugar. Studies suggest their anti-oxidants, especially gamma-tocopherol, can reduce the risk of various cancers. Ayurvedic medicine has long considered almonds to be protective of brain health.

Our whole natural almonds, with skin on, are organic. They have been pasteurized, as required by the FDA, but without the use of potentially harmful chemicals like propylene oxide.


Ingredients: Almonds
Allergens: Tree Nuts