Almond, Americona Sprouted

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Americona Almonds

Sprouted Americona Almonds are made using a premium variety of almond grown in Central California. These almonds are processed using a special technique that takes a hundred times longer than the typical method of roasting. It produces a unique and delicious flavor, perfect texture, and maintains the maximum nutritional value while keeping it easy to digest.

The raw seed’s nutrients are naturally dormant, waiting for the right moment to be released to feed the sprouting plant. A roasted nut has many of the nutrients neutralized by the high heat of the roast. The unique sprouted almond is allowed to begin germination, thus freeing the nutrients to be digested and absorbed. The germination is ceased by low temperature drying at the optimal moment. The result is a crisp and delicious almond that offers up the maximum nutritional value.

Ingredients: Sprouted Almonds Dried, Olive Oil
Allergens: Tree Nuts