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Cashew Butter, Fresh Ground Salted

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Our roasted and salted cashew butter is ground fresh daily. Cashews are intrinsically creamy so cashew butter is a great option for a vegan, dairy replacement. Regardless of your dietary restrictions or choices, roasted and salted cashew butter is so delicious and satisfying that it makes a tasty, healthful ingredient for anyone. Spread it on a sandwich, put it on waffles or pancakes, or you can use cashew butter as the base in dips and sauces like curry sauces or cashew tahini. Add some to a smoothie to give it additional protein and substance. Cashew butter is also used to make vegan cheese and other dairy-replacement foods. Roasted and salted cashew butter is very versatile so let the culinary experiments begin…. What will be your favorite way to enjoy it?
Ingredients: Cashews, Canola Oil, Salt
Allergens: Tree Nuts