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Natural Almond Meal

Natural Almond Meal is similar to almond flour, but it is not blanched (meaning the almond skin is still on) so it is darker in color. It is also slightly coarser than flour. This high fiber, high protein ingredient is considered a healthy, more nutrient-rich option to grain flours. Almond meal is a great substitute to not only make your recipes healthier, but also gluten free and good for a paleo lifestyle.

Before pan-frying your meat and fish, try coating it in Natural Almond Meal to create a crispy outer layer. It works well and compliments the flavor of your favorite fruit tart or crumble as well. Almond meal adds a dense chewy quality to cookies and brownies too. With these simple changes to your recipes, you certainly won’t feel like you are trading taste and enjoyment for health – you can have the best of both worlds!

If you’d prefer a lighter color, we also offer a blanched almond meal which has the skin removed prior to grinding. The flavor is the same, but visually the blanched may be a closer match if you’re using it substitute for a more traditional flour.

Ingredients: Almonds
Allergens: Tree Nuts